About 360+

360+ is a network of emerging leaders of US and Indian origin connected by their common experience working in India’s development sector over the last fifteen years. We have joined together to leverage our skills and knowledge to collaborate on diverse projects of common interest. We work primarily in South Asia.A main focus of 360+ is to provide learning opportunities to young high schools students, often through travel. Students who participate in these programs come from communities who otherwise do not have access to such opportunities. Two primary projects are the Leadership Collective and R2Urban. The Leadership Collective started as a fully-funded study abroad opportunity for US high school students. It has since grown to include students from India and other countries. R2Urban provides rural students in India with exposure to urban environments to grow understanding in the vast country, comparing similarities and differences.

2019 Leadership Collective

Every year the Leadership Collective focuses on a unique theme relating to global connectivity and leadership. This year we are excited to announce the theme of Youth Citizenship. The 2019 Leadership Collective will explore how youth are shaping the world. We believe that if youth are empowered early in life with the freedom and ability to take action and make decisions regarding the world around them, they can be active and powerful citizens, with the confidence and skills to change the world. 

Over five months, with four months of pre-departure engagement and over three weeks of in-country experiential learning, 40 students will work together to build a holistic understanding of the theme. The in-country experience will take place at various sites across India in July 2019. This is our fifth year of the Leadership Collective and will be our biggest and most diverse yet! The application is open to high school students in the US and students from around the world. 

To understand a student’s experience on the Leadership Collective, check out some of our Student Profile videos as part of our Film Project.


R2Urban is another Learning through Travel initiatives of the 360+ network. The program designed to expose rural students to the urban environment, thereby broadening their knowledge and understanding of future options and opportunities. It involves experiential 4 to 5 day trips, with equal elements of education, interaction with urban peers, exposure to urban institutions including commercial establishments with opportunities to discuss differences, similarities and synergies between urban and rural ecosystems and people. 

In January 2018, 360+ hosted students and teachers from APV School in Anjanisain, Uttarakhand to Bengaluru and Mysore, Karnataka. Their experience was captured by the group itself here.