About 360+

360+ is a group of emerging leaders of US and Indian origin connected by their common experience working in India’s development sector over the last fifteen years. We have joined together to leverage our skills and knowledge to collaborate on diverse projects of common interest. We work primarily in South Asia.

360+ focuses on providing learning opportunities through travel to young high school students . The students who are selected to participate come from communities who otherwise do not get access to such opportunities . Our primary projects are the Leadership Collective and R2Urban.  Leadership Collective started as a fully funded study abroad opportunity for US High School students. In 2017 it will include Indian students and it is intended to add students from other countries in the future . R2Urban provides rural students in India with an exposure to an urban environment to see and understand similarities and differences.

2017 Leadership Collective

” This year’s  Leadership Collective trip will be around the important theme of Climate Change . Recent events including the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accord has focused attention on this issue. Over 4 months starting with pre-departure assignments ,25 students from the US and India will first prepare for and then participate in a trip where their everyday experiences will be viewed through the lens of Climate Change and particularly with respect to issues related to water ”

The  2017 Leadership Collective has been orchestrated by 360Plus and Voygr Global with artistic facilitation from Mumbai based Junoon.

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2017 – Daily Collective


APV School Trip to Mumbai
In January 2017 ,  360Plus hosted 35 students and teachers from APV school in Anjanisain , Uttarakhand , on their first trip  to Mumbai. None in the group had ever taken a flight :only  a few had ever seen the sea: none had been to a large manufacturing plant: none had ever had a personal interaction with a film celebrity . Over 4 days the group did all that and more . Their experiences are captured by the group itself 
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