Presenting on Resilience

Today we were presenting how we saw and felt climate, emotional, and community/cultural resilience. We had all made a 1-3 minute presentation on a piece of poster board and explained the experiences we encountered along our 23 day journey together. There was so many experiences we shared, but then again we had other thoughts on some of the events we saw. I feel that overall we felt that even though our situations weren’t as hard as back at home, we could all relate to the things others from India had shared and the way the felt about life. Also I feel that Indians have a much deeper understanding for gratefulness, and seeing that within them has gave me essentially a better understanding for it. And even though they had a rough life that they were the most positive people I have ever met in my life and just that understanding of being that happy has made me more happy. Therefore giving my life more meaning, perseverance, and overall a successful feeling.

This trip has made me think a lot about how I act at home and what I could do to better that in a great way. In the end I feel that my life is complete even though I am a young age I feel that this experience has made all of life a blessing. I wish I could come back to this place just one more time in my life to experience it’s beauty within cultural, emotional, and climate resilience.