Leadership Collective 2015

The 360+ Leadership Collectives are a series of 3 week trips that bring together students from across the world on experiential learning tours. This year’s trip will take place in August 2015 in India.

Learning through travel and immersion in foreign cultures is at the heart of the 360+ Leadership Collective. India is immensely diverse in its cultures, languages, traditions, geographies, and natural resources. With over 1.2 billion people and 4,500+ years of recorded history, it is the ultimate travel destination. Our 3 week adventure in India will take us to the bustling metropolises of Delhi and Bangalore, the home state of Mahatma Gandhi, the calm interior of rural India, and the serene beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Through our travels we will explore the extraordinary change that India is going through as it develops on all fronts. We’ll visit schools in North and South India to explore the ideas of sustainability and growth, explore ancient cultural traditions that co-exist with modern life, and try and understand this process of change. As we travel through India, we’ll also expand our own horizons and gain a new perspective of where we fit into the world.

The mission of the 360+ Leadership Collective is to lower financial barriers and make learning based travel easier for high potential students from marginalized communities across the USA. This year, we’re offering 10, all expenses paid, spots on our 3 week program to India. Each spot is sponsored and backed by individuals who strongly believe in the positive transformational power of travel, and the necessity of integrating school learning with global exposure.

The students we are looking for are those who will gain the most from this experience. They are self-starters who have demonstrated a broad level of interests and achievements in both the academic and non academic area. They are seen as natural leaders who thrive in group settings and who have a point of view and are not afraid to express it. They welcome new ideas and change and make every experience a learning opportunity.

This program is for students in grades 10, 11, and rising seniors in high school.

We acknowledge the generous support of the following sponsors for making the 2015 360+ Leadership Collective Possible:

Airline Partners:

AIRINDIA                Indigo                      Vistara

Corporate Sponsors:

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Individual Sponsors:

Sonali & Anil Batra
Sara & Herb Blumstein
Bruce Carter
Anil Godhwani

Anita & Sridar Iyengar
Pammy & Jag Kapoor
Yasmin & Randy Kemps
Shanti & Sam Mathan

Raj Singh
S.D. Shibulal