In 2018, 360Plus under its R2U program hosted 22 students and teachers from APV School
in Anjanisain, Uttarakhand for their annual school trip. The students went to Chennai with
side trips to Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram.
The highlights of the trip were:
● For 12 of the students and teachers it was the first flying experience.
● 15 had not seen the ocean before
● Visit to the TI Cycles factory in Ambattur, Chennai.
● Satya Special School in Pondicherry
● Visit to heritage sites of Mahabalipuram
● Visit to spiritual centre ‘Auroville’.
● A walk through Periyar Science and Technology Centre
● Some learning centres like Crocodile bank, Museum, Zoo, etc.
Learnings on the trip included:
● The diverse culture and food of chennai was a completely different experience for
students and teachers.
● Taking a drive in the ocean was fun and full of learnings for students. They realised
the importance of fresh water after experiencing the salinity of ocean water.
● Students realised that every creature in the ecosystem is unique and plays a crucial
role in keeping a balance in the ecosystem.
● Few students were astonished after learning about the research and development
which takes place to manufacture a single unit of cycle.
● Through these trips the bond between teachers and students is also strengthened and a
friendly relationship emerges between them.