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Today’s Theme: Mental Health

Mental health and mental illness are two different meanings. Mental health can be understood simply as emotionally and well-being. Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changing in thinking, emotion, or behavior. I really enjoyed this secession because it made me think clearly of what my emotions were. Today, my emotions were calm, tired, and excited. […]


My Experiences in Ahmedabad So Far

Getting from Mumbai to Ahmedabad has been a tiring and wonderful adventure. Ahmedabad, unlike Mumbai, has a very hot and sunny weather. I enjoy sunny places like Ahmedabad because it brings me excitement and happiness. We are slowly learning about the history and influences that took place in Ahmedabad. A very interesting subject that I […]


A Glimpse Of Akanksha

Today I had an interesting and amazing experience in Akanksha. The students were really intelligent and brilliant. I enjoyed talking to the students about youth citizenship and one thing they would like to change in this world or their community. I was surprised with their answers because they wanted to change people’s mindset of their […]