R2Urban is part of 360+ network’s ” Learning through Travel” initiatives. It turns the traditional concept of “field trips” on its head by making visitors out of the visited. It is a program designed to expose rural students to the urban environment thereby broadening their knowledge and understanding of future options and opportunities. It involves experiential 4/5 day trips by small groups of rural children to urban settings and giving them access to and understanding of places and institutions which do not exist in their home settings. The visits under supervised conditions have equal elements of education, interaction with urban peers, exposure to urban institutions including commercial establishments with opportunities to discuss differences, similarities and synergies between urban and rural ecosystems and people. Teachers from the rural school accompanying the students will work with 360+ coordinators to devise a specific curriculum with some pre-departure preparation and more importantly post-trip de-briefing and sharing of experience with other students who were not part of the trip.