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Ready to Explore Delhi

My first impression of when I first got to Delhi was that it was very humid but it was no different from what we have already encountered before I’m India. When I woke up, I was welcomed by a curious lizard right outside my door which reminded me of back home where lizards would rest […]


Journey To Ahmedabad

Arriving to the train station was something special to me. As a kid, I would imagine myself as a train conductor but growing up, I never actually rode a train. So when I was able to get inside of the train and found out that it also had beds, I was thrilled. Also, a lot […]


Rain Won’t Stop My Day

Today, I was very excited to finally be able to leave the hotel and go explore new surroundings. Once we got to the location, rain started pouring on us and it made the hike up the hill much more intense and made my socks soggy. However, getting to the top and being able to witness […]