360Plus is joining forces with Oroeco to create the next generation of climate technology tools that empower us all to scale our personal and community actions into positive global change. We’re excited to work with Oroeco’s groundbreaking technology that turns reducing your carbon footprint into a fun game.  With 360Plus’ international network of young leaders and Oroeco’s innovative approach to climate change, we think this can be the app that connects the global youth climate movement!

About 360Plus

360Plus believes in learning through travel. We are group of emerging global leaders working to democratize global citizenship, and our projects focus on providing travel, technology, and education opportunities to youth who would otherwise not have access to experiential learning.

Leadership Collective

Since 2015, the Leadership Collective has fully funded high school students to engage with India through an immersive, international experience that foster global citizenship and builds leadership skills. Starting with US students, the program has now grown to include students from nine different countries.

Get in Touch

Are you a high school student looking to get out of your comfort zone? Are you a teacher, mentor, or educator seeking more experiential learning opportunities for your students? Are you an individual looking to contribute to international education? We’d love to hear from you!


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The Youngest Perspective on USA by Illia Dereguz

I liked absolutely everything in America, Disney, universal, flying on planes, riding roller coasters, visiting museums, parks, universities, gardens, restaurants, transparent cities, walking in the forest, on the coast of the seas, walking…
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Being Uncomfortable by Andrii Cherniavskyi

I had to communicate with people from different walks of life in every place I visited. Despite our different capabilities and incomes, I discovered that we all follow the same principles and rules that unite us. This lesson emphasized the fact…

Trip Report for the 2019 Leadership Collective

The 360Plus Foundation would like to thank and congratulate everyone who made the 2019 Leadership Collective possible. We are very proud of the 39 students from 9 countries that took a leap out of their comfort zones and traveled together for…