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The Youngest Perspective on USA by Illia Dereguz

I liked absolutely everything in America, Disney, universal, flying on planes, riding roller coasters, visiting museums, parks, universities, gardens, restaurants, transparent cities, walking in the forest, on the coast of the seas, walking in different areas of cities that me. I didn’t like it so that in San Francisco and New York they beat small rooms and there were no 3 beds because someone to sleep with someone else is also not an option, in New York it’s somehow very dirty but it stinks beautifully from the sewers, what else We hit a little in Los Angeles and Washington, as these are beautiful cities and I wanted us to spend more time there. I liked all the cities, but all of them are special in their own way Los Angeles is beautiful with its ocean and coast and Hollywood San Francisco is beautiful behind the Golden Gate bridge over the forests again over the ocean over the gardens, parks, museums, pierce. Washington behind the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument Memorial Jefferson, the National Museum, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and a lot of things, there are a lot of them and a very long time to list, but all the memorial museums are interesting and historical in their own way. Then we came to New York New York is also beautiful with parks, streets, buildings, metro bridges, the Statue of Liberty with islands. What I would like to change, I don’t even know, well, I probably changed bit to beat more time for rest at the right time I would make 1 day for rest or choose where to go for a walk or just do nothing for a day, otherwise everything suits me quite well I really liked it this trip to America.