The 2019 Leadership Collective is taking of on July 1st! Follow our blog to keep up with the learners!

Youth Citizenship

This year we are excited to announce the course theme of Youth Citizenship. The 2019 Leadership Collective is exploring how youth are shaping the world. We believe that if youth are empowered early in life with the freedom and ability to take action and make decisions regarding the world around them, they can be active and powerful citizens, with the confidence and skills to change the world. This year’s learners are passionate about creating positive social change in their communities, sharing that drive with their cohort, and thirsty to learn from youth in India. The 40 learners represent nine countries.

Learning in India

Imagine a population twice as large as the entire United States, but consisting entirely of young people. This is India’s youth; over 50% of India’s 1.3 Billion people are under the age of 25 years. While India does grapple with a myriad of modern challenges such as overpopulation, economic disparity, environmental degradation, communal tensions, and corruption, India’s vibrant youth movement presents the emergence of what could be history’s most immense population of changemakers. Youthfulness is perhaps India’s most valuable resource, and the 360Plus Leadership Collective will see that from many different angles.