About TechPals

Tech Pals uses the Internet to connect children to people and communities they would otherwise not be exposed to – expanding their worldview and bringing distant resources within reach. With our increased access to internet connection, money and time are no longer restraints to forming relationships with people around the world. TechPals are 21st century PenPals.

The growing emphasis on closing the digital gap has the potential to open cross cultural experiences to a wider section of the world – offering egalitarian connectivity between cultures, countries, classes, and resources. The first round of TechPals aims to connect secondary students with 360+ members around the world to encourage English learnings and introduce students to the range of opportunities that exist professionally and academically.

How It Works

The spring 2016 TechPals will work with students in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Identified schools have three things in common: 1) students come from low-income communities that make travel and international experiences unlikely 2) there is access to computer and internet to allow for email correspondence and 3) there is an English curriculum which provides students with enough English skills to form basic sentences. First, schools and NGOs will identify students to participate. Next, schools will set up email accounts for each student and designate a point person to assist students in writing emails, filling out a basic introduction profile, and corresponding with 360+ members. The point person should have a strong understanding of English and a comfort with basic email technology. 360+ will identify members of our network that are interested in serving as a TechPal. We will match 360+ members with students based on the basic profile students complete. Our goal is at least weekly correspondence between students and 360+ members.