Leadership Collective 2023

Climate and You: Mobilizing, Mitigating and Adapting

Climate researchers are in agreement that our planet is facing an unprecedented shift in temperature and weather patterns. July of 2019 was earth’s hottest month on record. As temperatures rise, natural disasters will be exacerbated and people will be forced to adapt to a challenging new environment. Youth have risen up internationally to take the lead on fighting and preparing for this dramatic change. Our online course and in-person travel will focus on the scientific and social basics of climate change and the crisis we are facing. It will also prepare students with knowledge about India, and provide a platform for building a community of learners. On our journey to India, we will meet with people that are experiencing climate-related challenges and those that are creating solutions.

This is a reboot for the year 2020 – which could not happen because of the pandemic. We are re-igniting the program this year with the 2020 cohort. We are welcoming learners from five different countries — the United States, South Africa, Jordan, Cuba and India. The students will be traveling to India and cover Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mysore and Hampi from July 7 through July 24. Get to know them below!

More to follow as the students embark on their journey!


2023 Learner Profiles

I’m Chantel Nukeri. I am a 4th year law student at the University of the free state. I am also a radio presenter at Kovsiefm and a student assistant under the ‘Student Leadership Development’ at the University. I would like to believe that I have a positive impact on first years as I assist them with registrations every year.

Hi! My name is Fazlyn, I’m from Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa. I love helping others, I’d describe myself as friendly. I’m currently doing ministry work within my community. I also enjoy music and dancing. I’m excited to travel and learn more about other cultures and food.

Jordan is a colorful, creative and curious young woman from South Africa who has recently completed her studies in Public Relations and Communications. In her free time, Jordan enjoys learning about other languages, cultures and countries through trying new recipes, listening to music in other languages, and fostering meaningful friendships with people from different cultures than her own. Jordan has never traveled outside her home country and is excited to experience tangible, hands-on learning in another context for the first time through the 360plus Leadership Collective!

Adel Abdel Raziq is Jordanian and was born in Lebanon. He is majoring in social sciences and Public relations. He has a lot of volunteering experience in different sectors such as being a climber instructor to children of refugees in Lebanon. Adel is a disabled athlete (he is one-handed) he is an international endurance horse rider, a wushu sanda fighter (Lebanese Champion in wushu), and a mountain climber and hiker. Adel’s adaptation to his case makes him believe that every person makes up their ways to adapt and live in their communities. He is willing to figure out how the Indian communities are adapting to what they are living through.

His passion for helping out people, exploring the world, and his love of nature made him want to be a part of the 360+ and live this great experience.

My name is Paula, I’m from Havana, Cuba. I’m 22 years old. I studied Literature and Linguistics at Havana University and graduated last year. I’m currently working as a literature teacher and researcher, also at Havana University. After the online course experience in 2020, I co-founded with a friend a project called Gaia that aims to create awareness on children on the impact of climate change and the importance of sustainability. In 2022 I was part of a Marine Conservation Remote Externship provided by NatGeo and TNC. On the side, I’m learning tango.

I am Chanda Kumari, a rising sophomore at Ashoka University. I am in my second year and planning to study sociology and anthropology while exploring psychology. I love playing football and frisbee. I have a special interest in engaging with people and helping them if needed. My dream is to be a leader in my personal and professional life. Exploring new things and traveling are my all-time favorite.

I am a village boy living in a small village amidst the hills and mountains. The great Himalayan range covering our sight or vision in the north. I am a resident of Himachal Pradesh, a small state of the Indian subcontinent. I am 19 years old and right now completing my graduation in humanities. I love to play football or basically any sport that boosts our dopamine and visit new places or at least that is in my bucket list and making an international friend group along the way, what else do we need. I am a friendly guy cheerful too and I am sure this trip will be real fun and something that gives all of us good memories and stories for the future.

I am Bindu K. I live in Bangalore, Karnataka. I am currently pursuing my final year in Bachelors of Commerce. I enjoy singing, drawing and dancing and traveling. I am an extrovert who can easily make new friends. I am approachable, light-hearted and a positive person. I am also a focused and determined person. I am a good listener. I am a person who grabs all the opportunities that come my way. I am also a Secretary of the AICUF CLUB (All India Catholic University Federation). Now, I have been elected as the Ecology, peace and reconciliation head for the state Karnataka AICUF club.

I am Dimple currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in arts and Diploma in Education as well. My interest in the education sector has made me curious to learn more skills, equip and educate myself to my fullest potential in order to thrive in my chosen career. Teaching begins with learning. I also take out time for my love to explore and learn above and beyond the books and I believe it will add hobbies such as cooking and great value to my future. Apart from education I’m also active in sports specially football.

My name is Sakshi, and I’m currently enrolled in the BA History Honors program at Sri Venkateshwara College, University of Delhi. I have a strong desire to pursue a career as an archaeologist, which stems from my lifelong fascination with historical facts and an eagerness to explore diverse cultures and traditions. Apart from that I have a keen interest in paranormal investigation and in my leisure time too i prefer to watch or read revolving around the same genre.

Prabhavati belongs to the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. She grew up in the Anantapur District. Prabhavati holds an undergraduate degree in Botany and Zoological Science. She is currently on an internship with a software company in Hyderabad. Her aim is to take up farming as an occupation and give back to Swadha Foundation which provided her financial assistance in her education. Her hobbies are going to the fields and listening to music and cooking. She is excited about the trip to learn about climate change with the amazing people and to meet students from different countries and to know more about their cultures. This will be the first time that she will be traveling out of her native state.

Nahima Kistoo is a junior at Binghamton University studying sociology with a minor in environmental sciences. They’re from Brooklyn, New York, born and raised, but their parents are immigrants from Jamaica and Guyana. They have over six years of experience in childcare and general hospitality. Having their certifications in Basic life support, CPR/AED, and Opioid overdose prevention, as well as their pharmacy technician licensure. They enjoy working with others, but they have a special love for animals. They’ve had volunteer experience with foster puppies and, in addition, had the opportunity to take part in caring for wildlife. As a parent of both a turtle and a dog, they enjoy the outdoors, where they take hikes in their free time. Nahima, always having a love for nature, took an interest in the environmental issues impacting the nation. They’re a firm believer that change, even on a small level, is progress for a better tomorrow. They’re excited to learn more about Indian communities and the ways they’ve been combating the climate crisis.

My name is Ava Wright and I’m from North Carolina in the United States of America. I currently go to school at Mars Hill University where I am majoring in biomedical sciences with a minor in pre-professional studies. On campus, I am the SGA President, an academic tutor, and I volunteer within the local community. In my free time, I like to shadow doctor, crochet, bee keep!

Hanna DeBord is a rising Junior at Yale University studying biomedical engineering. She is originally from North Carolina and has a passion for preserving the natural ecosystems of the Appalachian Mountains. In her free time, she plays guitar, runs, and plays soccer.

Kelly Ankoue is from New York, majoring in Information Science. Her past experiences include educating the youth about their physical and mental health. They also include empowering students with resources and opportunities to provide inclusive environments. She is passionate about social justice reform and design to make everyday activities on the Internet accessible to all. With 360 Plus, Kelly can’t wait to explore a new environment and culture. She also hopes to create meaningful connections with her peers and potentially those in India and learn more about ways to combat climate change.

Christ-Hander Geffrard lives in America and was born in Haiti. He is majoring in computer science and biology. In the future, he hopes to research many organisms and use biotechnology to gather and contribute knowledge that will benefit humanity. Christ enjoys playing soccer and running in Track and Field events. He has a deep passion for learning and believes that everyone deserves access to high quality education. He is interested in learning about how India is overcoming challenges and celebrating their victories. His love for the environment, traveling in other countries, and his pursuit for knowledge made him sign up to join 360+ and participate in this wonderful opportunity.

I am Ajay Namdev from Delhi, India. I am a 1st year bachelors’ student at the University of Delhi, North Campus. I like to explore new places and its ecosystems. I always find myself a visitor, however I didn’t get the opportunity to explore enough yet. I am excited to meet the people from various places of the world and visiting organizations which are working in the field of climate change so that I can imbibe best practices back in my community. I will use learnings from this educational exposure and build an understanding on this pressing issue. This would go a long way in giving back to my community.

Hi, I am Sadiya, a 19 years old girl from Delhi. My family moved to Delhi from Bihar 30 years ago. I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s in English honors From Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi. I always wanted to learn at least one international language, so I chose learning Japanese to make myself more confident and outgoing. Apart from my academic life, I love to work with my father and brothers in our tailoring shop. I love to meet new people and share our culture with them.