Today I decided to go morning walk at 7 am. I felt that we will be just walking but I didn’t expect that Sridar will take us to the President palace and parliament. When I saw I became too excited because I had never seen such huge president palace and the parliament in my life. It was too big that I couldn’t walk around to see all. It was quite and peaceful environment. I used to see those parliament in T.V but when I saw real today I felt too proud. I used to hope that I can be there one day. See my one day finally arrived today. We spent more than 1 hour there. Today I felt that the environment is stopping me there. I felt happy ,excited a lot.

Another most unforgettable moment for me is travelling in Auto Rikshaw. It was first experience in Auto Rikshaw because in Nepal we can’t find it. This was my second hope I used to have dream to travel in it. See finally my this dream also comes true. When I was travelling it I was enjoying with nature and can see clear view of around.

Thank you so much Eli and Sridar for taking us morning walk and this morning walk will always. remain in my heart and mind.



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