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A Day at Delhi

We visited the two historical and monumental structures. One is Lotus temple and other one is India Gate. Both are rich in architecture. Lotus temple is so peaceful and Beautiful. One thing that I liked the most about Lotus temple is that there are no potential barriers for religion. All are one and live in […]



Today is a Eye opener for me because I get to knew the hidden truth in Society about Chhara community. Chhara community is tagged as criminals by birth because they do liquor sneaking. And they are denotified tribes in India. Liquor sneaking is not their actual profession. They are forced to sneak liquor at the […]



Today I learnt some techniques to spread knowledge. Sauhard team came up with some different acts about how youth are excluded. I learnt about Fifth space . It is a space beyond Family, Friends, Education and Leisure. We had some fun activities. The session was so creative and interactive with each one of our ideas. […]

Heritage of India – Ahmedabad

We get warm and sweet welcome from Sauhard team. They just showed the taste of Ahmedbad’s rich heritage and culture. They explained about Ahmedabad’s rich resources. They explained about Families, Gandhi ashrams, Institutions, Economy, Freedom fighters(Gandhi, Sardar vallabhai Patel,Morarji Ranchhodji Desai.) One thing I get to know by them is Top food restaurants in the […]