Leadership Collective 2018

Every year the Leadership Collective focuses on a unique theme relating to global connectivity and leadership. In 2018, we are focused on the theme of Adaptive Resilience in a Changing World. By visiting communities in India that are creating solutions to modern global challenges, we saw people adapting to climate change, to poverty, to social and political trends, and to a world that is changing faster than it ever has. Students reflected on how their own ability to adapt while traveling relates to their ability to contribute to their own community’s current and future resilience.

Over five months, with four months of pre-departure engagement and one month of in-country experiential learning, 33 students worked together to build a holistic understanding of Adaptive Resilience. The in-country experience took place from South India on up to the Himalayas. 2018 also brought two new exciting components for the Leadership Collective. For one, the 2018 program opened students from around the world and saw expansion with South African and Nepali students.We also introduced a virtual Classroom to increase access, learning outcomes, and collaboration through technology.

2018 Trip Report

The 2018 Leadership Collective saw our largest and most diverse group yet, with updates in technology and travel from South to North India. We had 33 students in total, from the US, India,…..

2018 Learner Profiles

This year’s Leadership Collective had 33 learners from the US, South Africa, India, and Nepal! Get to know the learners below, and follow along on their Leadership Collective…