We had a special day at the Mental Health Center at “St. Xavier” University. Yesha Kotadia – a consulting psychologist, offered her time to explain the meaning behind the terms mental health and mental illness to us.

Mental health is mandatory for living a happy life, protecting and taking responsibility for other people’s lives in India. Mental health illness may consist of bad behavior and mixed emotions. It was eye-opening to learn how mental health illness is viewed in India and how people think of it as something unreal.

Indian people have myths about mental health and illnesses and it was very interesting to see what they believe in in their community. In India, 1 in 5 people has emotional and mostly behavioral problems. In the Indian community 60 to 70 million people suffer from the basic common disorder in life – depression.

There is also a high rate of suicide because people in the community can’t take the pain of how they are being treated in life. Why must people end there life if they can ask for help? Well I know most people don’t ask for help because they are scared to show a weakness or they think they will be judged about their problems.

We also had our personal time and it was sad but mind-opening too.

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