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Time Flies

Wow…it is crazy how time goes by so fast. I remember looking at our notebook schedule 22 days ago thinking about going to the Taj Mahal. That is where we went just yesterday. Today we went to Dilli Haat, which is a market that you can bargain in and you get nice things for good […]


A New Form of Knowledge

So yesterday, we had a session on youth inclusiveness. We did many activities and played many games which all had a deeper meaning. Sitting down after the fun, I really began to think about the purpose. One of the common denominators was that we, the youth, took problems into our own hands and made our […]


How Ahmedabad is Treating Us

So, today we separated. Of course we were all sad & we wished that we had more time together as a whole group, but I trust the leaders know what they are doing & I trust their reasoning. Although we parted ways this morning, we were able to reunite today when we went to a […]