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Since the end of the Leadership Collective is approaching, I decided that it is time to devote one of my last posts to what impressed me most in India, to what will come to mind first every time I think about this country- HUMANS! Exactly 21 days ago I arrived in India convinced that my […]


If you want to experience India, come to Ahmedabad

Since this morning, I never thought that so many creeds can exist at one place! Today, we had a Heritage Walk around Ahmedabad through which I finally experienced the unique spirituality of India- the thing I was looking for the most before coming here! Ahmedabad is a mind-blowing city that carries centuries of history within […]


A Dream Come True

There is nothing more enjoyable in life than dreams coming true! A dream of mine came true today – I got the opportunity to experience the city that has always thrilled me! We spent the whole day along the colorful and hectic streets of Mumbai, which was a great way to get to know the […]