Since this morning, I never thought that so many creeds can exist at one place!

Today, we had a Heritage Walk around Ahmedabad through which I finally experienced the unique spirituality of India- the thing I was looking for the most before coming here! Ahmedabad is a mind-blowing city that carries centuries of history within its architecture and streets. We visited Hindu and Jain temples as well as some mosques! Furthermore, it was good to see how the British Raj has influenced the appearance of the city.

After lunch we had an eye-opening presentation on Mahatma Gandhi and the principles of his movement! Later, we visited Gandhi’s Ashram and through various exhibitions there became familiar with his life! All these activities dedicated to Gandhi put in order all the information I have been trying to memorize at school for a whole year!

We couldn’t have acquired so much knowledge for a day, if it wasn’t for the local organization that welcomed us so warmly here!

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