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Imani Belt

ImaniBeltHometown: Kalaheo, HI

Tell us about your favorite book: The Ethiopian tattoo shop, a book of short stories told from the perspective of a visitor who stumbles into an old tattoo shop in Ethiopia and is told ancient stories from an old tattoo artist; stories that were supposed to distract and numb the pain of people as their tattoos were getting done.

Give one random fact about you: I like to draw and paint

In class, what kind of character are you?: Quiet usually, unless I feel comfortable enough to be outspoken

If you were a fruit, what would it be?: Mountain Apple

What do you think will be surprising about India?: Everything

In what ways do you feel that India will be challenging for you?: Getting used to seeing millions of people everywhere as well as the commotion of traffic

How do you hope to be changed by this trip to India?: Even more open minded than I am now and to learn about the value of life of people who live there as well as to take into consideration what I take for granted. I hope to go in feeling grateful and come back overwhelmed with gratitude