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Trip Report for the 2019 Leadership Collective

The 360Plus Foundation would like to thank and congratulate everyone who made the 2019 Leadership Collective possible. We are very proud of the 39 students from 9 countries that took a leap out of their comfort zones and traveled together for over 3 weeks. Surely the experience was tiring at times, thrilling at others, and […]

Gaining Knowledge and Experience in Ahmedabad

I spent 60% of my trip in Ahmedabad. We had six-hour classes each day for a week on various topics including inclusion, mental health, politics/caste system, Chhara community, LGBTQIA+ community, & Green Straw. While discussing these different type of discrimination in India, we talked about what we could do for our community focusing on these […]

Path of History in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad itself gives me this indescribable feeling, that opened my eyes to a new fantastic point of view as it was once said in the song “A Whole New World”,  from Aladdin . This day I went to do the Ahmedabad’s heritage walk. I’ve seen plenty of new things like building compressed against each other […]


I am writing this blog because I am missing Ahmedabad right now. I had collected more memories from Ahmedabad. But I am missing art gallery a lot because it was my first experience to show my art in public. I had described my photo below “When I look the world, the world is also looking […]

Sauhard and Youth Citizenship

Sauhard believes in sensitizing and enabling the youth to voice their opinions, ideas, concerns and views over social and political issues through creative media. As such, they were a natural partner for this year’s theme of Youth Citizenship. With mediums like theatre, comics, movies and documentaries, exposure trips, and workshops, Leadership Collective learners have been […]

Chhara Theater

Today we visited in Chhara community. Aatish was telling us a story about Chhara community. I expect that we will learn drama but I learned how Aatish is helping to Chhara? I was feeling good because I thought that today I will learn drama. At first we visited in prison of old Chhara community. In […]

My Life is My Message

On July 10th, our leadership collective went to the Gandhi Ashram. It was like walking through Gandhi’s life step by step. It was a truly amazing experience that I will cherish. My life is my message. My life is a blur. The way I live my life is how I try to show my message. […]

Heritage Walk in Ahmedabad Old City

The day started with a visit to the Swami Narayan Temple which had beautiful carvings and was painted with colors extracted from the vegetables in old days.  The temple had the sense of peace and calmness and also the Beautiful architectural design made it unique. Then we went for a  heritage walk in the old […]

How Ahmedabad is Treating Us

So, today we separated. Of course we were all sad & we wished that we had more time together as a whole group, but I trust the leaders know what they are doing & I trust their reasoning. Although we parted ways this morning, we were able to reunite today when we went to a […]

How Separation Breeds Inclusion

Today was the day we finally split up into three different hotels within our separate groups. Many were quite upset to leave friends they just started to strengthen bonds with, and I myself can say that I was not satisfied with the notion as well. After many hugs and dramatic cries the others were on […]