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One More Memory to Cherish

Spent an amazing day today . No wonders why we call Taj Mahal as one of the 7 wonders . At 7am in the morning we left for Agra , a place that I personally adore ! It was a hard time in the sun though at the end of the day it feels like […]


Since the end of the Leadership Collective is approaching, I decided that it is time to devote one of my last posts to what impressed me most in India, to what will come to mind first every time I think about this country- HUMANS! Exactly 21 days ago I arrived in India convinced that my […]

The Talk

Today the group had the pleasure of learning about the LGBTQ+ community of India. The presentation, by Aditi Rindani, highlighted the many problems and misconceptions that the community faces day to day. It also showed some of the important milestones that were overcome when challenging the laws against gay rights. In addition, the group had […]

A New Adventure

If You Want To Know More About INDIA You Have To Ride The Indian Train. Yesterday was really good day, full with new experiences. We went to the train station at 10:00 pm, it actually looks very colorful from outside, we enter that station with exciting moments then we shocked by a lot of people […]

Gateway of India

Hello everyone! I had an amazing day. I went to go see the Gateway of India, and learned more about the history. It was built more than a hundred years ago in 1914. It’s crazy to see how fascinating history can be. I never knew about the British troops left India. I saw many families […]

The black and white picture of my history book

The black and white picture of my history book meet it’s colour today. Bhaja caves – A standing example of architectural excellence. Carved in 2nd century BC Bhaja caves consists of 22 caves. I saw the pictures of Bhaja Caves back in my primary school, and I was always fascinated by them. I always wondered […]