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Session on LGBTQIA community

It was so great to be part of today’s session which was focusing on the LGBTQIA community. I have always wanted to know better about this community and I always wanted to understand the perspective of the people in this community and that was my expectation prior the site visit and I must say I […]

The Talk

Today the group had the pleasure of learning about the LGBTQ+ community of India. The presentation, by Aditi Rindani, highlighted the many problems and misconceptions that the community faces day to day. It also showed some of the important milestones that were overcome when challenging the laws against gay rights. In addition, the group had […]

Change The Mindset

Today was a good day. Today we went to college with school, that it seems like a lot of people attend. Today we discussed about the LGBTQIA+ community, and this is in just the where is discrimination that they face around the world and specifically in India. What I found very interesting today was day […]