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Life lessons from Zostel Mumbai and Naveen

Have you ever had that feeling where you are made to be grateful for the life you have, that moment where you start regretting the reason behind most of your complaints, that moment when you see actually how privileged you are? Well that was me two days back when I was in Zostel Mumbai. My […]


Today it was really fun i got time to meet up with other girls who are in the same situation as me. This Pratham school was established in 1995 to help young people to get good education and learn few skills that will help them to be employed. Most community youth they are not doing […]

Journey To Ahmedabad

Arriving to the train station was something special to me. As a kid, I would imagine myself as a train conductor but growing up, I never actually rode a train. So when I was able to get inside of the train and found out that it also had beds, I was thrilled. Also, a lot […]

A New Adventure

If You Want To Know More About INDIA You Have To Ride The Indian Train. Yesterday was really good day, full with new experiences. We went to the train station at 10:00 pm, it actually looks very colorful from outside, we enter that station with exciting moments then we shocked by a lot of people […]


On this extremely hot rainy day -14 July 2019, we went to the city of Mumbai and saw The Gateway of India which is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The place was fantastic with a lot of people around, a lot of them were looking at us and we felt really amazing but at the same […]

A Glimpse Of Akanksha

Today I had an interesting and amazing experience in Akanksha. The students were really intelligent and brilliant. I enjoyed talking to the students about youth citizenship and one thing they would like to change in this world or their community. I was surprised with their answers because they wanted to change people’s mindset of their […]

Magic Bus Ride in a Magical City

The first thing I told myself when I got to India was that I wanted to go visit a school or a community center to get a better grasp of Indian communities. I feel like people always see India’s schools over T.V or media, but for the first time I got to see it for […]

The Hanging Garden

Today we went to visit the Hanging Gardens in Mumbai and it was such a great experience. The Hanging Garden’s provided such a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea and carried wind to refresh us all from the humid weather. Surrounding the High Garden were an abundance of trees and flowers. We also got to […]

The Beginning of a New Adventure

With the rain coming and going, the spicy foods, & all the sights we saw, life has been great in the major city of Mumbai. I have been in India for about a week and it’s nothing like I ever expected it to be. This country works in unique ways which makes it a beautiful […]


Day 5 in India 💃(I actually taught I would not last that long), Anyway today we said goodbye to life in the Kautilya leadership centre in Khumbivali, which meant last night was bitter- sweet, it was bitter because we were leaving a place which we had gotten so used to, it felt like home but […]