Visiting the Meenakshi Aman Temple

The other day we got to visit the Meenakshi Aman temple, which was a worthwhile sight and experience, but it was bittersweet because not all of us were allowed in. Part way through our tour of the place, I realized that our friend Ayan wasn’t there. She is Muslim, and they didn’t let her in […]

Reflections on Orientation

Our 2016 Leadership Collective Orientation at The University of Chicago was jam packed with workshops and activities focused on India, unpacking terms such as culture and identity, and developing a common foundation of topics and ideas to make our time in India as valuable and rewarding as possible.  Students participated in hands on workshops led […]

Raven Swing

Hometown: Santa Fe Tell us about your favorite book: My favorite book recently has been the monkey wrench gang by Edward abbey. He’s a great writer, and I can sympathize with the characters for sure. It’s also just enjoyable. Give one random fact about you: I didn’t go to school until 7th grade. In class, what kind […]