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Gallery Walk

My group and I have been showing up to these sessions that teach us a lot about youth citizenship. One of the sessions is called mental health. I personally think mental health is very important to every human being on this earth . We should be knowing our health physically , mentally and emotionally . […]

Mental Health and Kindness Pebbles

If I could describe today’s session with just one word it would be EMOTIONAL! But I have to reach a certain word count in order for this to be a proper blog so I suppose I should elaborate a little. Today’s session was about mental health and its first half was concentrating on how people […]

Mental Health at St. Xavier’s

We had a special day at the Mental Health Center at “St. Xavier” University. Yesha Kotadia – a consulting psychologist, offered her time to explain the meaning behind the terms mental health and mental illness to us. Mental health is mandatory for living a happy life, protecting and taking responsibility for other people’s lives in […]

Mental Health Session

Today we went to St. Xavier’s College. Today’s topic was mental health. Mental health thought by Yasha Kotodia. Whatever I expect I got it. Like I expect, what is mental health and illness? This all things I learned. I want to learn, how do we now that people are in mental illness? Which type of […]

Mental Health Myths

Today, my group and I attended Ms. Yesha’s session about how mental health is perceived in India. By participating in various activities which included myth ranking, acting, and analyzing a specific scenario of someone seeking help in India, it came to my surprise that many citizens of this country do not take mental health seriously. […]


Today was an amazing day. We had a session on mental health and I learned a lot like the difference between mental health and mental health illness. The person taking the session was very friendly and supportive. She bonded with all the group members very nicely. I found the sessions very interactive as well personal. […]


Last night was actually the best night for me ever since we separated into three groups. I don’t know if it’s actually because we were just Introduced to the concept of safe space during yesterday’s session on inclusivity and maybe just maybe that allowed me to not only warm up to everyone but to finally […]

Mental Health Brings Wealth

Today was a very interesting day. Woke up this morning and I don’t know what we was gonna do. We ended up going to this college, called Saint Xavier‘s. At this college we met up with a very nice psychologist, who recently graduated from college. Apparently she has been working so hard for a long […]

Today’s Theme: Mental Health

Mental health and mental illness are two different meanings. Mental health can be understood simply as emotionally and well-being. Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changing in thinking, emotion, or behavior. I really enjoyed this secession because it made me think clearly of what my emotions were. Today, my emotions were calm, tired, and excited. […]