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Trip Report for the 2019 Leadership Collective

The 360Plus Foundation would like to thank and congratulate everyone who made the 2019 Leadership Collective possible. We are very proud of the 39 students from 9 countries that took a leap out of their comfort zones and traveled together for over 3 weeks. Surely the experience was tiring at times, thrilling at others, and […]


Today all three groups separated & departed to their, (feels like far away) homes. It kind of left a toll on us because we were just creating new & connecting more bonds. I know that it will be okay in the long run because the leaders have made very trusty decisions for us and I […]

Temporary Goodbyes

Who would of thought that in just one and a half weeks time it would be hard to say goodbye to half of our group for only 6 days. We had all been staying in the same hotel throughout our duration in India and then almost out of the blue we were told that we […]

One Question in My Mind

After visiting the Ashram of Gandhi. There was one question in my mind. Why Gandhi was famous why not the some kings though they have power to decide during British rule over India? I found the very simple answer myself that Kings wanted to save their territory for their prestige not for peoples´ justice but […]

Magic Bus Ride in a Magical City

The first thing I told myself when I got to India was that I wanted to go visit a school or a community center to get a better grasp of Indian communities. I feel like people always see India’s schools over T.V or media, but for the first time I got to see it for […]

The Hanging Garden

Today we went to visit the Hanging Gardens in Mumbai and it was such a great experience. The Hanging Garden’s provided such a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea and carried wind to refresh us all from the humid weather. Surrounding the High Garden were an abundance of trees and flowers. We also got to […]

Journey to the Western Ghats

Yesterday at 9:30 in the morning we all 360Plus Leadership Collective family we all went for hiking at Western Ghats. We were very excited to explore new places. It’s was heavy raining yesterday. We went from Kautilya home of leadership with bus. We enjoyed a lots while traveling to western gates and when we finally […]

The Beginning of a New Adventure

With the rain coming and going, the spicy foods, & all the sights we saw, life has been great in the major city of Mumbai. I have been in India for about a week and it’s nothing like I ever expected it to be. This country works in unique ways which makes it a beautiful […]


Day 5 in India 💃(I actually taught I would not last that long), Anyway today we said goodbye to life in the Kautilya leadership centre in Khumbivali, which meant last night was bitter- sweet, it was bitter because we were leaving a place which we had gotten so used to, it felt like home but […]

The black and white picture of my history book

The black and white picture of my history book meet it’s colour today. Bhaja caves – A standing example of architectural excellence. Carved in 2nd century BC Bhaja caves consists of 22 caves. I saw the pictures of Bhaja Caves back in my primary school, and I was always fascinated by them. I always wondered […]