Reflections on Chart Paper

We were assigned to give our reflection on a chart paper through drawings, poem, essay and any creative ideas that relates to climate resilience, community resilience and emotional resilience. I was very much curious and excited to reflect myself throughout the journey to India with my 360Plus family. So, I made a drawing look like […]


‘SHEROES’ brave acid attack survivors The woman on the right of me, her mom hurled acid on her face, melting it away completely. Imagine that in a single moment your face was gone, destroyed by an acid attack. That’s the fate of hundreds of girls and women around the world each year, according to the […]

Meeting Tenzin Tsundeu

On 29th July, 2018, we meet Tenzin Tsundeu in his home at Dharmashala. We went to listen to his life experiences and inspirational talks. Okay, now let me give you his quick introduction. Meet Tenzin. He is an Refugee Activist from Tibet, but born in India. He is a great writer who has published a tiny […]

Travel is a learning process

Travel is a learning process for us to develope handful experiences which guides you throught out your life and which is a never ending learning process.Day to day we get shocks and suprises which creates bound of enthusiasm on learning through having expericences.27th July, Back to yesterday what say we’re lucky enough to be the […]

Household Power & Energy: at a glance

When you are challenged to do some innovation no matter How? Once the ideas embark  on your head you show who you are with the rapid flow of creations. Similarly, here I have some snaps of our challenge process where on the first and second picture Isaiah, Cindy and Rachel has hands on to build […]