2018 Leadership Collective Trip Report

The 2018 Leadership Collective saw our largest and most diverse group yet, with updates in technology and travel from South to North India. We had 33 students in total, from the US, India, Nepal, and South Africa. These learners represented 13 different US cities, six Indian states, four locations in South Africa, and one city […]

New Orleans City Council Recognizes 360Plus Leadership Collective Student

When school started this month, Selena Lee was recognized by the City Council of New Orleans for her participation in the 2018 Leadership Collective. Selena was nominated by her teacher, Samantha King, at Walter L. Cohen College Prep. The Proclamation, below, concludes: “Ms. Lee, continue to do amazing work around the world. Your accomplishments are […]


Well it’s time for my next blog !!! I just wanna share how much gratitude I have taken from this trip– for the sights that I have seen through perspectives of what individuals see, and being able to form my own world from that,. Without looking at the world through roasted glasses , I have […]

Morning Walks in Janpath

For the morning walk we visited government buildings and they were amazing. I learned that each Indian state is allowed to have different governing styles, for instance, one state can have communist ruling and another right by it can have Democratic ruling. That made me think about how different that system is compared to the […]

Reflections on Chart Paper

We were assigned to give our reflection on a chart paper through drawings, poem, essay and any creative ideas that relates to climate resilience, community resilience and emotional resilience. I was very much curious and excited to reflect myself throughout the journey to India with my 360Plus family. So, I made a drawing look like […]

Presenting on Resilience

Today we were presenting how we saw and felt climate, emotional, and community/cultural resilience. We had all made a 1-3 minute presentation on a piece of poster board and explained the experiences we encountered along our 23 day journey together. There was so many experiences we shared, but then again we had other thoughts on […]

Climate Change Learnings

Throughout the trip I have learned many things whether it was just being mindful of my water intake or getting used to all the crazy traffic India has, but through it all it has been so much fun. I have not only learned how to be more resilient but to also be more aware of […]

The Taj Mahal

I enjoyed my visit in India!!!! What an awesome experience …we went to one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world it was so nice being with people to share that with. I learnt how to be resilient in different circumstances.


Memories that stood out: The change in beauty of Dharamshala coming from Agastya. Morning walk at Agastya, going through bushes and trees to get away from the monkeys. Not talking to many people at the beginning to now socializing with many people. Forgetting about my shell. At Agastya, practicing cultural presentations. I wanted to represent […]