Today we visited a temple and what really suprised me was the fact it was nothing as i invisioned in my head. In reality the concept i had in my head was worship and praise dress code and respect of rules but when i actually entered the temple it was a literal rip off. Seein […]

Reflections on Orientation

Our 2016 Leadership Collective Orientation at The University of Chicago was jam packed with workshops and activities focused on India, unpacking terms such as culture and identity, and developing a common foundation of topics and ideas to make our time in India as valuable and rewarding as possible.  Students participated in hands on workshops led […]

Ohaji Williams

Hometown: Chicago Tell us about your favorite book: my favorite book is lovely bones which is also a movie this is because it tell the story of a young girl who killed by her neighbor but was in the purgatory state and wouldn’t pass on until her family learned to accept and forgive her death Give one […]