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Our Last Night Together

Time flew by so fast and now I am slowly realizing that this trip will be over and in only a day and a half I will be laying on my bed in my apartment in my town in my country just… staring at the wall and trying to recall this whole experience all over […]

Time Flies

Wow…it is crazy how time goes by so fast. I remember looking at our notebook schedule 22 days ago thinking about going to the Taj Mahal. That is where we went just yesterday. Today we went to Dilli Haat, which is a market that you can bargain in and you get nice things for good […]

Last Moments

Sunday Morning , July 21. We have 2 days left together and it feels like I’m about to leave my family. It’s crazy how much people can make a huge impact on you and teach you so much in just a little amount of time! I’ve met some awesome people this month and I hope […]

From Strangers to Family

As our last weekend in India comes to a close , I can’t believe how far we’ve come as group! From complete strangers to family. From Mumbai to Delhi. From the gateway of India to the Taj Mahal, we’ve learned more in these last 3 weeks about ourselves and each other. I truly wouldn’t have […]

Re-united once again

After six days of being separated from the rest of the team, my group of thirteen moved back to the President hotel this morning to join the other two groups. Last week we were separated and sent off on individual adventures. Each day, each team had learnt about something new and different. I personally thought […]

ACHOO! Sorry, I’m homesick

I miss my mom. That’s my personal struggle when it comes to being somewhere new. The first couple of days on the trip were interesting, especially for my stomach. My body was not ready for the food I was about to feed it and boy did I got sick. Being in that state made me […]


Today all three groups separated & departed to their, (feels like far away) homes. It kind of left a toll on us because we were just creating new & connecting more bonds. I know that it will be okay in the long run because the leaders have made very trusty decisions for us and I […]

Temporary Goodbyes

Who would of thought that in just one and a half weeks time it would be hard to say goodbye to half of our group for only 6 days. We had all been staying in the same hotel throughout our duration in India and then almost out of the blue we were told that we […]

The Beginning of a New Adventure

With the rain coming and going, the spicy foods, & all the sights we saw, life has been great in the major city of Mumbai. I have been in India for about a week and it’s nothing like I ever expected it to be. This country works in unique ways which makes it a beautiful […]