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Today it was amazing and a special day for South African we celebrating Nelson Mandela’s born day and 67 years of injustice. South African make this day unique and great, each individual has a power to transform the world and have the ability to impact. This year was blissful and amazing. I shared this special […]


Imprisoned, taken away from your wife, separated from your children, tortured and discriminated only because of your skin colour and desire to see a South Africa which is free from the shackles of bond age. this in short summarizes the effects of the cruel apartheid regime in the life of the the late Nelson Rolihlahla […]

NELSON MANDELA – 67 minutes of giving

Yesterday- 18:07:2019- we celebrated Nelson Mandela day and offered our 67 minutes to a government Indian school- ..it was so fantastic to be around the children. The 67 minutes was putting our time into doing good for people and showing respect. Nelson Mandela fought for political justice for South Africa and that is the reason […]

Embodying Mandela

In South Africa, July 18th is known as Nelson Mandela day in which people are encouraged to celebrate his legacy by spending 67 minutes doing some kind of service to the community! Today we decided to celebrate Mandela’s life by visiting a local school! We provided the students with fruits and other school supplies but […]

Day 2: Gurdwara/Service

Monday, our second full day in Delhi, was a day for visiting sacred spaces. We spent some time in the morning preparing for our visits by talking about our own sacred spaces, and then we went to two of the great places of worship in Delhi–the Gurudwara, a Sikh Temple, and the Jama Masjid, the […]