New Orleans City Council Recognizes 360Plus Leadership Collective Student

When school started this month, Selena Lee was recognized by the City Council of New Orleans for her participation in the 2018 Leadership Collective. Selena was nominated by her teacher, Samantha King, at Walter L. Cohen College Prep. The Proclamation, below, concludes: “Ms. Lee, continue to do amazing work around the world. Your accomplishments are […]

Morning Walks in Janpath

For the morning walk we visited government buildings and they were amazing. I learned that each Indian state is allowed to have different governing styles, for instance, one state can have communist ruling and another right by it can have Democratic ruling. That made me think about how different that system is compared to the […]

A Surge of Inspiration

Recently there was a surge of inspiration that I didn’t know I needed. I was bored and I thought back to the walk I had that morning. There were these little rocks stacked on top of each other and I always wanted to have the patience to try doing it but I didn’t, not until […]