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An Awesome Adventure

We are at the end of this amazing experience. 22 days of workshops, food, ice cream, hotels, travelling and good company. India is one overly informative country. Despite religious and cultural diversity, I am leaving with an abundance of knowledge and understanding of the past and present India. Looking back at pre-said challenges, I’ve really […]


Re-united once again

After six days of being separated from the rest of the team, my group of thirteen moved back to the President hotel this morning to join the other two groups. Last week we were separated and sent off on individual adventures. Each day, each team had learnt about something new and different. I personally thought […]


A Bhaja Experience

Today we visited the Bhaja caves. Truly a beautiful sight! We hiked to the top and despite the heavy rain, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The Bhaja caves is an ancient heritage site located in Bhaje, Maharashtra, India. A group of 22 rock-cut caves dating back to the 2nd century B.C. The caves are 400 feet […]