Entries by Elsy Huidor Cabrera


Goodbye Party

Yesterday night was our goodbye party. We were saying goodbye to the Leadership Collective, our friends, and to India. It was a bittersweet moment full of laughter, smiles, and music. Instead of spending the night sad, we all chose to live and be with each other one more time. I will never forget the people […]


Mental Health

Today my group had a mental health workshop! I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but by the end of it, I was glad to share this experience with my group. When we first came in we learnt the difference between mental health and mental illness, often times people confuse both terms. However, […]


The Hanging Garden

Today we went to visit the Hanging Gardens in Mumbai and it was such a great experience. The Hanging Garden’s provided such a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea and carried wind to refresh us all from the humid weather. Surrounding the High Garden were an abundance of trees and flowers. We also got to […]