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Criminals From Birth

Today we traveled to chharana (forgive my spelling) —  A place located in East Ahmedabad that housed a group of people who were a denotarized tribe or in other words a criminal tribe. As soon as we arrived I felt this overwhelming sadness in my heart. The place was very different then the other places […]


A walk through history

Today was an amazing experience. We started our day of with the heritage walk trough the old city in Ahmedabad. Our first stop was A Hindu temple build in the 1800s. The walls of the building were filled with figures and carvings of people and gods. Being a polytheistic religion there were indeed many gods […]


A First Days Walk

Today we had the amazing pleasure of going on a hike to the Bhaja caves. This opportunity made me very excited, because we hadn’t left the campus sense we had arrived in India. While I was just happy for a change in scenery little did I know I was about to witness the most stunning […]