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Taj Mahal

Today we had a whole mission to get to the Taj Mahal. It was worth it though! We had a great exhausting experience . I struggled with my family together . And yet we had a good time matter what . We had to wake up 6am in the morning to get to the bus […]


Gallery Walk

My group and I have been showing up to these sessions that teach us a lot about youth citizenship. One of the sessions is called mental health. I personally think mental health is very important to every human being on this earth . We should be knowing our health physically , mentally and emotionally . […]


Gateway of India

Hello everyone! I had an amazing day. I went to go see the Gateway of India, and learned more about the history. It was built more than a hundred years ago in 1914. It’s crazy to see how fascinating history can be. I never knew about the British troops left India. I saw many families […]