Kyre Smith

Name:  Kyre Smith Hometown: originally born in San Diego, California. I moved around a lot and now my home town is Chicago Il What is your favorite book?: my favorite book series is the demonata series by Darren Shan. It’s to hard to just choose one. Each book is connected through a character that is […]

Francisco Ramirez

Name: Francisco Ramirez Hometown: Hayward, California Favorite Book: Cherub by Robert Muchamore.  It is actually a book series and I love every single one.  They are about orphaned children who are recruited to be spies for their athletic and intellectual capabilities.  They make the best spies, because who suspects kids? Give one random fact about yourself: […]

Selena Campos

Name: Selena Campos Hometown: Redwood Valley, California What is your favorite book?: I don’t have a personal favorite book right now. Give one random fact about you?: I can be shy when I first meet people but I like meeting new people. In class what kind of character are you?:  I’m quiet and work better […]

Kemi Babalola

 Name: Kemi Babalola Hometown: Brooklyn, New York What is your favorite book?:  I can’t choose one book, but I have two book series that I love. One of my favorite book series is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins because I love reading books about strong female characters. I love female characters that are the leaders and create change, not […]