LC Alumni, Priyanka, Selected as Global Teen Leader

Leadership Collective 2018 alumni, Priyanka, was recently selected as a Global Teen Leader by Three Dot Dash! See her post below to hear about her experience and how the Leadership Collective set her up for participation.

Hello Leadership Collective Friends,

I am thrilled to inform you that I am traveling to New York City tomorrow. I will be attending the 2019 Just Peace Summit to be held from 08-15 March 2019 in New York City. I will represent Nepal for the first time in this highly decorated event. I am super happy and excited for this trip and more importantly for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of meeting other Global Teen Leaders, who are changing the world with their unique, creative and innovative projects all around the world. If you want to read more about this year’s Global Teen Leaders, you can check it out at on Three Dot Dash’s page.

Three Dot Dash powers the most influential social entrepreneurs between the ages of 13-19, who have found a solution or innovation that addresses a basic human need. It is a competitive process with hundreds of applicants. Their selection criteria can be found here.

I went through the selection process mentioned above which started in early September 2019. It was a very tough and lengthy process. I feel lucky and privileged to be selected as a Global Teen Leader and now I look forward to a great opportunity of learning, sharing and networking that Three Dot Dash will provide to me and other fellow global teen leaders with our projects. 

As you all know, the first international trip I ever did was to India in July/August 2018 with the Leadership Collective of Three Sixty Plus (360+). It was truly a great program where I met amazing students from the United States, South Africa and India. Nepal was participating for the first time in this program through me. I learned so many new ideas and gained valuable experiences from experts, facilitators, speakers and wonderful Sridar, Caitlin, Eli, and Rougye. That trip gave me a different outlook on life and the world by teaching me mainly on the theme of Adaptive Resilience in a Changing World. As an avid traveller, the contents of the Leadership Collective was super relevant to me, it was filled with learning through traveling. By attending Leadership Collective, I gained more confidence, exposed to the outside world and build a solid network with everyone I met during the trip, which I will cherish forever. 



Kathmandu, Nepal