Jeremiah Garland

JeremiahGarlandName: Jeremiah Garland, but I prefer people to use my middle name, Andre

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

What is your favorite book?: I honestly don’t have one, but I know that my favorite books are any of the ones written by my favorite author, Rick Riordan.

Give one random fact about you: Poetry and music are two strong passions of mine.

In class, what kind of character are you?: In class, I’m the kid that tries to make friends with everyone. I’m a very open minded individual and I am very quick to accept a person into my circle of friends, so no need to be shy.

If you were a fruit, what would it be?: I would be an orange because I like oranges.

What do you think will be surprising about India?: I think that the different foods will be most surprising since it will be different tastes from what I am accustomed to in America. 

What has been difficult about preparing for India?: Trying to finish all of my summer work for my AP classes since I will be returning only two days before classes start.

How do you hope to be different after this trip to India?: I hope that seeing a new part of the world will expand my horizons even further and make me an even more well rounded person.