First of all thank you for bringing me to this trip. I would have met this precious gift from God with in me. India has been a challenging place for me, first their traffic then their food and most of all their toilets. I felt alone the first-time I came here. I thought I was dreaming but it was not a dream. I spoke to no one and it was bad because I needed to open up, I needed to be me and feel free not be an insider like always at school. Basically everyone on this trip felt like this I’m glad they did because it took some time to actually so your fellow mate around you who you are and how they would appreciate you for being you no matter how crazy you are, how annoying you can get. You should always no. That a place like this you not alone their is someone that feels the same like you are feeling but they scared of the peoples perspective about you

Just be you and forget you don’t. Let anyone change you unless they change themselves.

This image represent a happy family. All the tough time we had to go through and the struggle we had to actually get to where we are now was challenging itself but we made it we reached the limit. Yes there were complains from many of us but we made it as a team. And a team work make a dream work.

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