After preparing for a couple days before all the students arrived, the South Asian students presented on their cultures for the international students. You can read more here, and see a few student interviews here, beginning with Olga!






FranciscoRamirezName: Francisco Ramirez

Hometown: Hayward, California

Favorite Book: Cherub by Robert Muchamore.  It is actually a book series and I love every single one.  They are about orphaned children who are recruited to be spies for their athletic and intellectual capabilities.  They make the best spies, because who suspects kids?

Give one random fact about yourself: I absolutely love pizza. Nothing in the world is better, and if that could be all that I could eat, it would!

In class what type of character are you: I love having fun, but I always finish my work first.  I work hard in order to play hard.

If you were a fruit what, would it be: If I was a fruit I would be a pitaya.  I would be that fruit only because it looks like a dragon made it with cool magical powers.

What do you think will be surprising about India: I think the most surprising part of India would be the vast number of people in such a small country.  There are 1.252 BILLION people on a country that is 1,269,345.07 sq. miles big!  It is going to be pretty crowded!

How do you hope to be different after this trip: I hope to be a lot more grateful with the things I have here at home, even the little things like being able to drink water from the tap without having to boil it.  Additionally, I hope that I can share the experiences that I will have with other people in order to inspire them to do similar things.

My headband and I

My headband and I

Name: Selena Campos

Hometown: Redwood Valley, California

What is your favorite book?: I don’t have a personal favorite book right now.

Give one random fact about you?: I can be shy when I first meet people but I like meeting new people.

In class what kind of character are you?:  I’m quiet and work better independently.

If you were a fruit, what would you be?: I would be a pineapple because I like pineapples.

What do you think will be surprising about India?: The difference between how we live in the US and how they live in India.

What has been difficult about preparing for India?: The most difficult part is getting the passport!

How do you hope to be different after this trip to India?: I hope to be less shy when I get back.

 KemiName: Kemi Babalola

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

What is your favorite book?:  I can’t choose one book, but I have two book series that I love. One of my favorite book series is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins because I love reading books about strong female characters. I love female characters that are the leaders and create change, not damsels in distress needing to be saved. My other favorite book series is the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowlings. I love the ideas of friendship, leadership and a hint of comedy.

Give one random fact about you?: I am a big fan of the latin genre; Bachata especially Romeo Santos.

In class what kind character are you? In class, I participate a lot and ask a lot of questions.

If you were a fruit, what would it be?: I would be a branch of grapes because I am very outgoing and I constantly have ideas.

What do you think will be surprising about India?: I think the geographical diversity of India will be surprising because it has such historical buildings that have lasted decades and seeing them in reality will amazing.

What has been difficult about preparing for India?: The idea that I will thousands of miles from New York City has been a bit difficult because although I am excited to go on the trip, I have a familiarity with my city. I know where everything is, but I’ve always wanted to travel outside my city and experience something new. I have the opportunity now so I will take it.

How do you hope to be different after this trip to India?: I hope my perspective of the world will change because although I think I have a very open mind, it wouldn’t hurt to see life outside of my country. I also hope I share what I’ve learned with others.