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Last Moments

Sunday Morning , July 21. We have 2 days left together and it feels like I’m about to leave my family. It’s crazy how much people can make a huge impact on you and teach you so much in just a little amount of time! I’ve met some awesome people this month and I hope […]


The Brave Naveen

Today my group visited the amazing Naveen. Honestly our session was sooo good. What he’s doing is so important!!! Our group had a whole debate and it was very interesting! The focus was specifically on casteism and the treatment of Indian people. He informed us on how the Dalits are treated and that he is […]



Today all three groups separated & departed to their, (feels like far away) homes. It kind of left a toll on us because we were just creating new & connecting more bonds. I know that it will be okay in the long run because the leaders have made very trusty decisions for us and I […]