Today all three groups separated & departed to their, (feels like far away) homes. It kind of left a toll on us because we were just creating new & connecting more bonds. I know that it will be okay in the long run because the leaders have made very trusty decisions for us and I know that this will make us even stronger. After the groups left my group stayed behind and got right to work. My leader Eli, let us discuss our thoughts and feelings as well as why do we think they made us split up and the topics of what we will be doing for the next few days. All of the responses were very diverse but made sense. We all knew we were going to survive this “nightmare.” After our meaningful discussion we had an intense journal session. I think it was very important to get that time in because I do not have time to do it at home because of work. The trip is teaching me a whole lot and I’m so glad to be here. When I do go home I will definitely continue journaling and make time! I wrote 4 whole pages in just 35 minutes,( i thought that was a whole lot) lol. It really helps to get things off your mind and make you feel better. After the journal session we went to a few stores to shop. Excitingly, we all were to do a little shopping , we were even more happy to see the other groups there shopping too! As we continue, I hope to gain a better bond with my group and enjoy India even more.

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