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The Takeaway

On this trip there was a lot of information and traditions going on in India that is very similar to Native Americans. Learning about the denotified tribes gave me inspiration of wanting to change my Native community for the better, through various clever ways, such as acting. Also I became pretty close to everyone in […]


Try Shira!!

Today was such an amazing day! My group had learnt about the LGBTQIA+ community in India, seen an elephant, went to a park, and even had pizza for dinner. However, the main highlight of my day was lunch, where I discovered shira. Shira looks like mashed potatoes but is actually really sweet and left a […]


Simple But Amazing

Today was another day inside the Leadership Center with ice breakers and presentations. Afterwards we had free time early and I enjoyed using that time playing soccer inside the conference room with others. However shortly after we started playing we had to move outside. As the rain stopped we moved outside in search of a […]