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The Woman With the Flower

Today, while I was walking through the market of Pudomandapam I became a little separated from the group. A woman came up to me and very quickly put a flower necklace around my neck. She then told me to pay her 50 rupees. I refused and tried to take if off because I didn’t want […]

The Children of Madurai

While recording Carnatic dancing for a project that a couple of the other students and I were conducting, we decided to speak with the younger students. Immediately, a little girl warmed up to me and decided to sit in my lap. Then, again and again other girls piled into my lap as well. They were […]

The Good of The World 

This was my first experience going to a temple in southern India. Last year on the trip, we only visited temples in northern India so I was excited to see the differences and the similarities. We got in a line and the first thing I noticed was how everyone was fascinated with us. They all […]