A week in Madurai

The past week has been a whirlwind of adventures and lessons. We’ve been hosted here for our daytime activities by the SITA center, where other international (college) students come to learn, and I’m very interested in studying here in the future. I’ve had some good chances to talk to people around the city, and learn […]

Blog #3

The moments I spent in Madurai this week, I will be taking home with me. My host family meant a lot to me. Their little girl Aaradhna was amazing. When I was at some of my low points on this trip, I was just so glad to go home to see Aaradhna. It felt really […]

Meeting Henri Tiphagne (People’s Watch)

A couple days ago, we were given the opportunity to speak with a man named Henri Tiphagne, who is the executive director of a large human rights organization called People’s Watch. I’m extremely honored to have taken part in the lecture/conversation, and I’ll certainly remember his words for a long time. But in all honesty, […]

The Woman With the Flower

Today, while I was walking through the market of Pudomandapam I became a little separated from the group. A woman came up to me and very quickly put a flower necklace around my neck. She then told me to pay her 50 rupees. I refused and tried to take if off because I didn’t want […]

Blog #2

On August 2nd, temple in Madurai called the Meenakshi Amman Temple. It is built for Hindu’s to worship their gods. The temple is very exciting to see. The craftsmanship of the stone pillars, statues, and shrines, are truly memorable. You must go in the temple barefoot, which is exciting because you’re literally standing on history. […]

The Children of Madurai

While recording Carnatic dancing for a project that a couple of the other students and I were conducting, we decided to speak with the younger students. Immediately, a little girl warmed up to me and decided to sit in my lap. Then, again and again other girls piled into my lap as well. They were […]

Uzhavar Santhai

In doing Research on this vegetable market, we learned the process of agricultural marketing. When farmers don’t end up at markets like these, they use the help of middlemen to transport their goods from farm to store. The middlemen has been known for exploiting both farmer and customer in this way. So in 1999, the […]


Bangalore was what I was and wasn’t expecting. I had been told that it was a nice city and that it was probably one of the largest tech centers in the world, and while there were parts that matched my image of large office buildings and beautiful white houses with lush trees, there were also […]

New feelings in Madurai

This picture is from when I was in the sky coming to India it was a long trip but I’m glad I was on that plane. See before I came here I never left my house never went to public places, I was always home reading or watching anime(Japanese cartoons) anyway I didn’t like meeting […]

Blog #1

 To start today off, I went on a walk to a park in Madurai, India. As we walked out the hotel we were greeted by an elephant. The elephant then blessed me by tapping his trunk on my head. This is the great thing about India. You simply walk out the door and your day […]