It was 6 am when I woke up this morning, I was really struggling to get out of bed. I was debating whether or not I should stay  in bed for another hour or go for a walk. With much consideration I made my decision to go on the walk.I got dressed and rushing out […]

The Good of The World 

This was my first experience going to a temple in southern India. Last year on the trip, we only visited temples in northern India so I was excited to see the differences and the similarities. We got in a line and the first thing I noticed was how everyone was fascinated with us. They all […]


This was a really big rock so i had to post it 😊

Let our voices be heard👫👬👭🌏

It’s crazy how being in a different environment with different people with different customs can change the way you think of the world you live in . Today’s lectures, sights and activities in Madurai made me realize that if I ever thought that life was hard for me in the US I needed to reevaluate […]


Today we visited a temple and what really suprised me was the fact it was nothing as i invisioned in my head. In reality the concept i had in my head was worship and praise dress code and respect of rules but when i actually entered the temple it was a literal rip off. Seein […]

Visiting the Meenakshi Aman Temple

The other day we got to visit the Meenakshi Aman temple, which was a worthwhile sight and experience, but it was bittersweet because not all of us were allowed in. Part way through our tour of the place, I realized that our friend Ayan wasn’t there. She is Muslim, and they didn’t let her in […]

Bangalore: Bandhs & Bargaining

As things tend to go when traveling in India, our plans for our first full day in Bangalore dramatically changed. Due to a citywide strike (i.e. a Bandh) that kept all transit off the road, from ubers to autorickshaws and everything in between, we spent our first full day in India inside our hotel,  building […]

Sky Is The Limit

The plane ride was the best only because it was my first time writing a plane ever. At first I was so nervous/excited cause I never knew what flying on a plane felt like, but  towards the end me being nervous went away. I didn’t get a window seat but still managed to get a […]

Reflections on Orientation

Our 2016 Leadership Collective Orientation at The University of Chicago was jam packed with workshops and activities focused on India, unpacking terms such as culture and identity, and developing a common foundation of topics and ideas to make our time in India as valuable and rewarding as possible.  Students participated in hands on workshops led […]

Leadership Collective 2016 is underway!

The 2016 Leadership Collective Journey has begun! The Leadership Collective is a three week, fully-funded experiential learning trip to India for fifteen students. The trip is immersive, challenging the students to try new foods, make new friends from across the U.S. and India, and learn about the diversity and complexity of India in a hands-on, service oriented way. Learn more about the […]