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New World, New Me by Yana Buhryk

This trip is an unforgettable experience that I will remember for a long time. I am grateful to the 360+ project for the opportunity to visit and learn something new. The trip was very interesting and full. We visited four cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington and New York. It was a dream for me to travel the world, and at first after coming to the USA I could not even believe that it was possible, because there were some difficulties with getting the visa, it seemed that nothing would work. It was strange at first because it was a different country and I was so far from home. But I’m also thankful that this trip brought me together with such wonderful people because we had so much fun together. Thanks to these people, this trip was even more interesting. In our first days in the city of Los Angeles, we walked and had fun at Disneyland and Universal Studios, but one of the highlights was the opportunity to take pictures with the “HOLLYWOOD” sign in the background of the Hollywood Hills and walk down the Walk of Fame. But for sure, I liked the city of San Francisco the most. It is from him that I have the best memories of a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge and a flight on an airplane over the city. Also, the nature of America in general is something incredibly attractive, with countless national parks of amazing beauty and diversity. Muir Woods was a very beautiful place. The park generally resembles a prehistoric forest, where giant redwoods and ancient ferns are at every step. It feels as if you are in “Jurassic Park” and a dinosaur is about to appear from behind the bush. The park is actually very large, the road runs through it. This is truly an amazing forest. Despite the fact that all the routes in it have been paved for a long time, you get the impression that you are wandering through the wet jungle of prehistoric times. There was also a lot of interesting things to do in the city of Washington, although we were not there for long. We took in the city itself on a bus tour that included stops at the White House, the Smithsonian Institution, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and a seasonal Potomac River Cruise. The trip through the capital of America was very interesting and informative, and then we continued and took the train to New York, which was also quite an interesting experience. As soon as we arrived in New York, leaving the train station, we immediately found ourselves in the city. The city itself was fundamentally different from the other three cities that we had already visited at that time. New York is an extremely beautiful city, but it is a huge metropolis that is constantly in a hurry. When you stand between these huge skyscrapers and look at them, you realize how tiny you are. Living in another country, especially in the early days, is quite a departure from the comfort zone. Other traditions, rules, new habits, food, language. In the end, the mentality. Absence of relatives, friends, favorite places, and coffee shops. You need to get used to a new country, overcome barriers, and in some ways even cross yourself. In general, I liked this trip, but I didn’t like that sometimes there was not enough time for some interesting places, since we had to be on time everywhere, and it was a shame that we never visited some places. But the impressions of this trip will remain in my heart for a long time. I am glad that I had the opportunity to appreciate and see with my own eyes the continuous whirlwind of New York life, and the calm and polite residents of Washington, the numerous museums, parks, and oceanariums, and the newest infrastructure of America. This trip taught me a lot, I gained an incredible experience, saw the New World, and dived into the different cultures and traditions of the people of this fantastic country.