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America grows on you by Vitalina Petrova

This trip was wonderful, visit four cities in 1 month, it was very fast for me, especially where we were two days, but I liked it, there was also a very diverse cuisine, some better, some worse. What I didn’t like in America, I didn’t like America because everything there is strange and not like Europe, sometimes in a bad way, and sometimes I didn’t like the places where we went, for example, in San Francisco I didn’t like the coast where there were souvenir shops, museums I didn’t like it either in San Francisco or in New York. What I liked the most. I want to write about each city. In Los Angeles, I liked Universal studios the most, first the town of Harry Potter, then the town from the cartoon “Wretched Me” and at the end a small tour of the film sets, I really liked it there. In San Francisco, I liked the day the most when we went to the museum “academy of sciences” there was a lot of interesting things, I especially liked the aquarium where there were many different fish, and not only fish, after this museum we went to the Japanese-style garden, I love this culture, so I liked it very much, we were not there very long because the garden itself is small, but the gardens did not end there, because after the Japanese garden, we went to the botanical garden, which was also beautiful, there I remembered the moment when half of our company climbed a tree and we did a small photo session there. After that, we also went to a restaurant with Japanese cuisine, which I adore. I liked everything the same in Washington, there were simply excursions that did not impress me much. I think that I liked New York the most, because we had an interesting program there, and I already started to feel freer when choosing where we would go, what we would do, when we would eat. I also liked New York with its program, most of the time we just walked around the city and it was not as difficult as in the same San Francisco where we were sent everywhere where you can see something. If it were my project, I simply don’t know how to fit all the cities into one month, because we never had very little time to write these texts, so I would allocate the same number of days to each city, because it’s not enough, and yes, I liked most of the places we visited, thank you for such a wonderful month.